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Vittorazi motors

Vittorazi engine for paramotor PPG motor

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Vittorazi Motors specializes in the design and manufacture of two strokes motors with small swept volumes. Vittorazi motors are particularly suitable for paramotor – i.e. powered paragliders (PPG) or motorized paragliders – because they combine all the typical characteristics of aeronautic motors: reliability, reduced noise, lightness, power and manageability. Easy 100

Its engine for paramotors can also be used on the following models: ultralight motor (ULM), powered trike, mosquito, delta or powered microlights. All mechanical parts are made in high quality materials, machined with CNC techniques and assembled by skilled technicians. Paragliding propellers are marketed under the following names: engine Fly80 (80cc, 15hp), engine Fly100 and engine Easy100 (100cc, 20hp). Fly 80

Paragliders can also be customized with the optional accessories available for single motors: reduction gears, propellers, silencers or carbon, chromium-plated and anodized components. Fly 100

vittorazi engine engine for paramotor
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